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In my attempt to make this a easier place to get around, I've add this page. It's a table of contents page for my "Project Rapala" pages only. I hope to be able to include a little more information in the description for each page. I hope you'll enjoy this new look.

Project Rapala.

TheBassman's Antique tackle pg.
A page describing part of our collection. Both Dad's (L.W.) and mine. Plus a few links to other interesting antique tackle web-site's.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 1.
The first page of this project. This page describes Normark-Rapala catalogs covering the following years, 1970, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84, 1985 & 1997. Also included are scans of some of the catalog covers.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 2.
This page describes Normark-Rapala catalogs covering the following years 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1993 & 1994.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 3.
This page describes the 1996 Normark-Rapala catalog. Also included on this page is info and some scans of Rapala postcards and original Rapala ad's that I have.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 4.
This page describes several Rapala lures in my collection including Floaters, Deep Diver 90's, Countdown, Shallow Fat Rap's, Rapala Club, Minnow Spoon and skitterpops

Bass's Rapala Info pg 5.updated button Updated often!!
This is my Rapala update pg. I'll have current events relating to this project. In addition, there is my version of a Ebay report. I take a look at some of the auctions I've kept track of, I give my views of the trends I see at this popular site.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 6.
This page describes Normark-Rapala catalogs covering the following years, 1976, 1995, 1998 and 1999. Also included on this page are scans of the covers.

More "Project Rapala"

Bass's Rapala Info pg 7.
This page describes my Rapala Wants list. Please, check out this page. Also included are a few more Misc Normark-Rapala Items plus, there are pic's of some of the "marks" that appear on Rapala lure's and a few of the different box style's

Bass's Rapala Info pg 8.
Rapala Codes.
Looking for Model information, Well here it is. This page has a list of both model names and model size info. It also will lead you to the Rapala Color Code page.(While it's still in the works, it has all of the color codes that I know of!!)

Bass's Rapala Info pg 9.
More Lures in the collection including Deep Diver 90's, Floater's and Balanced Jigging

Bass's Rapala Info pg 10.
A new page with more lure's in my collection including Pilkki's, Floater's, Countdown and Jointed Floater.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 11
This new page contains information on the lastest catalogs,1971 and 1978 that I have added to my collection plus a 1967 Rapala pamphlet. Scans of the covers are there to view too.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 12
The Rapala Cove "2000". Another new page describing some of the lastest addition's to my collection. Some of these are Cross-country ski's, balanced jigging, Floaters, Classic, Team Esko's and several others.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 13
The newest page!!!
I took a collection of Rapala prototypes and went through and put them in some sort of order. This is a real jewel in my collection. This set shows some of the changes as a rapala goes through different stages of it's process. Really worth a look. Also a couple of Floaters I got from Europe .

Even More 'Project Rapala"

Bass's Rapala Info pg 14
Rapala Catalogs 2000
2 different editions of Rapala 2000 catalogs. The first one listed is from Finland. Also the Rapala 2000 USA will be aded soon.
Check out the scans, Color patterns listed show a few very interesting colors not available here in the US.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 15
Another page containing the lures(Pilkki's, Fat Raps and Shad Raps) and knives(a few different styles) that I have added to the collection.(quite a few new images.)

Bass's Rapala Info pg 16
Take a look at this Interesting Rapala Lure. Also included on this page, Teho's, Taildancers, Deep Diver 90's and a few other group shots of Rapala lures.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 17
A look at some of the behind the scenes at Rapala-Normark. Quite a few Images on the history and production of Rapala Lures.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 18.
This Information was moved here to it's own page with some new info on it. Book's, Mini-Guides, Ad's and wall banner.

rapala talk
A message board for us RapalaFreaks to discuss rapala's, Old, New, Odd, whatever. anything rapala..

Bass's Rapala Info pg 20
I had enough to get to the 20 page mark. The "Rapala Project" hits a landmark. On this highlite, I'm very pleased to introduce you to a Brand New Rapala lure. The Rapala Velet Squid. A truly amazing lure and as far as I know of the only Rapala series that "Glows in the Dark.
Read and see all about it.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 21
This page contains information and images on some of the Oversea's Rapala lures in my collection. Check it out!!

Bass's Rapala Info pg 22 Japan Editionnew buttonAdded 10/24/2001
This page of "Project Rapala" highlights "What's Inside a Rapala?"
This information comes from a book I got from Japan. It's title, "The Rapala Bible. A great book, a great deal, It needs a page of its own!! 44 scans included. Worth a look!

Bass's Rapala Info pg 23 new buttonComing Soon!!
This is a tour. a list of "Oversea's web-sites" that I'm putting together. Follow the tour to see some interesting places all over the world and best of all, All of them deal with Rapala in one way or another!

Bass's Rapala Info pg 24 new buttonComing Soon!!
This page is a collection of Rapala images. This is really worth a look. I'm sure there is something here you'll see for the first time.

Bass's Rapala Info pg 25 new buttonComing Soon!!
What better way for a 25th page, "Project Rapala 2002". A page showing off some of the Rapala lures and Items I've been able to add to the collection.

photobanner gif

Click on the image above to go the NEW Photo-Cove section. I needed to split the 2 parts of the site.Some of the older photos are missing, Worth a look at where I like to play in the outdoors.

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Note: On the Rapala pages, The 'home' button will bring you back to the 'Project Rapala" table of contents pg.

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