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Another aspect of fishing that has started to get more of my attention is antique fishing tackle.

Where to start on this topic. First, I guess I will state collect what you like! I or better yet (Dad and myself) have always had some interest in some of the older versions of fishing tackle. His interest much more varied than mine. We have always had some sort of old tackle boxes with tackle laying around. The last couple of years has seen this go from that level to something much more.
We started out with a little space, a built in desk and 1 shelf to. That same built in desk and another desk, a bookcase, a display table, 9 shelves and a couple of other various display stand, plus we even have some equipment still being stored in cabinets.

I make no claims to know everything about this topic. What I can claim is get all the information you can. What's the purpose of this page, Information.
After a little description of our collections, there will be links to other sites, that will not only inform you. But sites where we look for and buy various antique fishing tackle.

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TheBassman's Collection:

I collect mostly lures. I have a couple of older jitterbugs (1940's & 50's) and a few "made in michigan" lures. Plus some other major brands, south bend etc. But my passion is Rapala lures. I have several different ones. A few that have the black writing on both the belly and lip. I also have a couple that are no longer in production. Also in my collection are a couple of proto types that I have gotten as being a member of the "Rapala Club" for the past couple of years.
The ones that have a special place of the shelf are. One that was brought to me from across the ocean, straight from the Rapala factory in Ireland (read the story) and one that I retired last year. It's not a antique, it's a f-9 in perch pattern. That during the 1997 fishing season I was able to C/R a 114 largemouth bass on. The finish on this lure is torn up. It's got scratched and scared, but Oh what a lure it was. I have just put together 2 pages of Rapala info. You'll find a link to it on the home page.
That's a brief description of what I collect, now on to the big collection.

As you can tell from looking at some of the other pages I have added over the last 2 years, I've added quite a few items to my collection. I have focused on Rapala-Normark products. I can let you know that I have and will continue to look for the odd or 'rare' Rapala Items. My collection has grown to well over several hundred items. It contains, catalogs, lures, books, banners, cross country skis. My lastest find is a oversea's source for rapala's. Now these aren't antique's, but for the fisherman that believes in Rapala's. I am able to get some color patterns that are not available to us here in america. I got several in different styles and colors. I will put a couple in my tackle box along with placing the rest into my collection.

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Dad's Collection:

He collects a much wider range of fishing equipment. He has some older sinkers tins, a couple of old wooden hook tubes. Lures, he has quite a few of these, I'll pick out just a couple to mention. He has a couple of mint in the box, south bend nip-i-diddee's from the 40's and 50's. A few creek chub lures and quite a few others. His passion is bait casting reels or level wind reels. He has at least 100 different models. Most of them in excellent condition. He get's not only the ones in working condition but, some that are in rough shape that he uses for parts. So that he can restore the better ones with original parts. His reel collection consists of Shakespeares, South Bends, Great Lakes reels plus a few others. He also has a few older open face spinning reels, fly reels and a couple of brass level wind reels. He also has some older tackle boxes, which until recently I thought was odd, but after seeing that these have also increased in collectability. We now also look for these.

To sum it all up. I think we have somewhere over 500+ pieces in our collection. Which now that I think of it. I need to add a couple more display shelves.

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Information and Links

This section will contain links to various sites. Some full of info, some where we look for and buy various fishing tackle. If you visit the sites where we buy stuff, Please read their rules and sign up.

E-Bay auction category:Misc:Sporting goods:fishing

A hugh section with a whole lot of pages to look through. This is the first category we found.

E-Bay Auction category:collectibles:Fishing:general

One of the newer categories added to E-bay, worth checking out.

E-Bay Auction category:Collectibles:Fishing:Lures

Also a new category, but as the title describes dealing mostly with lures.

E-Bay Auction category:Miscellaneous:Sporting Goods:Fishing:Lures

Also a new category dealing mostly with lures.

E-Bay Auction category:Miscellaneous:Sporting Goods:Fishing:Reels

Also a new category, but as the title describes dealing mostly with reels.

E-Bay Auction category:Miscellaneous:Sporting Goods:Fishing:Rods

Also a new category, but as the title describes dealing mostly with Rods.

Antique lures

A site with over 500 pages of information on collecting fishing tackle. I haven't been through this whole site...yet!

Antique fishing lures + tackle information site

Another Website full of info

Joe's old lures home page

Info on collecting plus other pages. History of fishing tackle companys. Also has a buy and sell areas.

Lure lore

Infomation of old lures and other stuff.

Tackle Classic Books

A site where you can find books on collecting antique fishing tackle and other books.

A Reel web-site.

This is a web-site for those that enjoy collecting old fishing tackle, especially old fishing reels.

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