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Updated on 8/01/2004
Items I'm looking for. If you have any or know where I might find them. Please drop me a note
Let's Make A Deal!!
rap line

I'm still in the hunt for a few issue's that I need to fill in the gaps
Any Pre 1967, 1974, 1980, 1986, 1989 & 1990 issue's

Any interesting Ad's, display's or odd piece's, who knows, drop me a note and let's work something out!!

Rapala Salmon Special.
I have a few example's of this lure style and am looking for more. On these, I'll need the box to make sure it's the right model. Below you'll find a couple of scans.
Salmon Special.View here.
Salmon Special box end.View here.
Salmon Special SFC.View here.
I don't have this in my collection. It should be here in the next couple weeks. I just got it!!

Pilkki series!!!View here.
Any of these, with or without packaging.
Update. I'm more intrested in any pilkki's in package dated 1972 or early and you can view a scan of these below.
View #1
View #2

rap lure line

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rapala mark

This section will show some examples of different box style's for a few different model lines. For each, I kept the box's in order for each scan.
rapala line

This first set is of a group of Floating Rapala box's.
Side View 1 Side View 2 End View 1 End View 2
Bottom View 1 Bottom View 2

rapala line

Deep Diver 90 Series.
Although I don't have as many of these box's as other lure style. I have found a few that show some difference's. The top box in the scans is from Sweden.
Side View 1 Side View 2 End View 1 End View 2 Bottom View

rapala line

This next set is for the Rapala Balanced Jigging model. Besides the box example's below, I also know of at least 4 different blister packs.
Side View 1 Side View 2 End View 1 End View 2 Bottom View

rapala line

Shallow Fat Rap Box's.
Side 1 Side 2 End 1 End 2 Bottom Top

rapala line

Fat Rap Box's
Side 1 Side 2 End 1 End 2 Bottom

rapala line

Countdown Box's
Side 1 Side 2 End 1 End 2 Bottom

rapala mark

I hope to add more "marks" as I get them.

View Here.
This is a view of a Rapala belly mark. In black print.

View Here.
This is one of the Rapala bill marks, black print.

View Here.
This is one of the metal bill markings off a Rapala Deep Diver 90 Series.

View Here.
This is the metal bill, showing the marks of a Rapala Deep Diver 90-7 (the smaller of the 2 sizes in the line)

rapala line

The next scans will show some example's of the lure boxes.

Rapala "fish" logo.View here.
This is one of the end plates of a box. It is just one example.

Rapala Box Ex #2.View here.
This pic shows views. Note, the Rapala "fish" logo on the end plate (upper right in scan) and the plastic top.
Balanced Jigging.
The next 3 scans show the model info end plate off 3 different Rapala balanced jigging model box's. I Really like the first scan. The color pattern that is listed is really a Gold/Fluorscent Red, more common listing for this color pattern is GFR.
Jigging Box #1
Jigging Box #2
Jigging Box #3

The next page contains Lure Information, List of color codes along with small scans of them. A list of Rapala sizes and model codes. I hope to add other color charts to this page.

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