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Well, it looks like I have enough info to put together a couple more pages. Some rather interesting Items will be listed on this page.
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Rapala 1996 catalog.View cover here.

Lure descriptions.

Original Floating: 6 sizes and 8 colors.
Jointed Floating: 4 sizes and 7 colors.
Countdown: 5 sizes and 8 colors.
Husky: 1 size and 6 colors.
Fat Rap deep: 2 sizes and 7 colors.
Mini Fat Rap: 1 size and 7 colors.
Jigging: 6 sizes and 7 colors.
Shad Rap: 4 sizes and 7 colors.
Shad Rap shallow: 4 sizes and 7 colors.
Super Shad Rap: 1 size and 6 colors.
Minnow Spoon: 4 sizes, 2 models and 7 colors.
Rattlin Rap: 4 sizes and 9 colors.
Down Deep Rattlin Fat Rap: 2 sizes and 8 colors.
Rattlin Fat Rap: 3 sizes and 8 colors.
Magnums: 10 sizes and 6 colors.
Sliver: 2 sizes and 6 colors.
Husky Jerk: 2 sizes and 8 colors.

Color codes for this catalog.

New for 1996.
2 new size's, the HJ12 and HJ14 added to the Husky Jerk series.
The RMS5 is added to the Minnow Spoon series.
Tennessee Shad finish (TSD) is new to the Rattlin Rap.
Silver blue finish available on Shad Raps, Shad Rap shallow, Mini Fat Rap, Fat Rap and Husky series.
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Rapala Postcards.
When I first got these, or better yet. When I learned that these were going to be in a package of material I was getting. I Didn't quite understand what I was getting.

These 3 postcards are in very good shape. All 3 are unused and have great graphics.

1. Shows a tarpon.View here.

2. Shows a rapala lure laying next to a live minnow.View here.

3. Shows a leaping northern pike.View here.
All are dated made in Finland, 1981.

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Rapala Counter-Mat.View here.
I was able to pick up a Rapala Counter-mat. It is of the Rapala Shad Rap.

Rapala patch.View here.
A Rapala cloth patch. It is in mint condition. Just another interesting Item added to my collection.

Rapala Shad Rap Keychain. View here
Another promo Item. A Rapala Keychain. Watch out, The colors on this pic will grab ya.

L.E. Normark-Rapala Plate's.View Here
2-8" plates, rimmed in 22k gold.
Each plate signed and numbered.

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Rapala Ad's
Yea, we've all seem them in our favorite magazines.
A few years ago I was able to get a few rapala ad's. all of these are made on heavy white stock paper and yes, they are Original.
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1. Original Floating ad.
"never be the guy who forgets the rapalas."View it!

2. Shad Rap ad for gold/silver plating. dated 1996
"At fine tackle and pawn shops everywhere.

3. Husky Jerk 2 pg ad. dated 1995
"how to (pause) use the suspending (pause) husky jerk etc"

4. Rattlin Fat Rap ad. View it.
"It's bright, it's attractive. You wish you'd married it."

5.Original Floating ad.
"Ranko Dalliinen, Rapala eye painter since 1954View it!!

6. Husky Jerk ad. dated 1995
"Oh my. Someone let the floating rapalas spawn with the sinking ones."View it!!

7. Down Deep Rattlin Fat Rap ad. dated 1995
"Deep, deep down. Are you afraid of what lurks in the depths."View it!!

8. Rattlin Fat Rap #7 ad. dated 1993
"Now with a sound like that makes fish get up and dance."

9. Rattlin Rap ad. dated 1995
"Hawgs. The other white meat."

10. Original Floating ad.
"The cat who lived in the woodpile where Lauri Rapala cleaned fish."View it!!

The next page describes some of the Rapala lures I have in my collection.

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