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I'm in the process of going through all the images I have or am getting. I'll be listing the most recent ones first. Oh, by the way, These are some of the "Oversea's" products we don't get the chance to see very often.

These arn't in any sort of order, just as I gathered them. I will try to give what description I can.

CDL's (Japan)
CDSR's (Japan)
CD? (Japan)
RNR's (Japan)
CDL's (Japan)
RNR's (Japan)
1985 Catalog (Japan) View #2 View #3
Decal & Patch (Japan)
Rapala Display Lure Japan View#2 View #3
Catalog year? (Japan)
Collection Of Mini Guides (Japan) View #2
Box of Husky Jerks (Japan) Check out the color
Squid (Japan)
CDFS (Japan)Countdown Fast Sinking
CDSR (Japan)JS Colors
HJ (Japan)
SP (Japan)JS Colors #5 & #7
SP (Japan) JS Color #9
RNR (Japan)Old color patterns JS
RNR (Japan)  Old Color patterns
RNR (Japan)  More Old color patterns
RR (Japan)  JS colors
SR #5 (Japan)
SRRS (Japan)#5's


Every now and then, I come across something that "Really" catches my attention. Well for this first set of images, I hope to grab everyone's attention. 6 Different Taildancer color patterns. check these out!!!
TailDancer in RH!
TailDancer in CG!
TailDancer in FT!
TailDancer in G!
TailDancer in GFR!
TailDancer in SFC!

Shad Rap (Japan)Shad Rap #7 in PC
Shad Rap (Japan Shad Rap #7 in YAMAME

As I find the time, I'll keep adding to the images here. So keep looking, ya never know what you'll find.
The next page will show some of the items I've added this year.(I'm still working on it also)

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