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With this additon to the "Project Rapala" pages. I'm going to show you some of the graphics from my most recent addition to my Rapala Collection. I was able after some time and effort (Try translating foreign web-sites then following the leads it creates) to get in contact with a great guy in Japan, "Gen". After all the 'fun' it was to read his e-mails and wonder if he was having the same 'trouble'. We were finally able to complete a great deal. I got a book, published in Japan called the "The Rapala Bible", along with it a great looking Rapala lure (It'll be put on another page here.)

Ever Wondered???

Ever thought what was inside your Rapala lures? Afraid to take a lure and slice/cut/tear it apart because of the price?
Below you'll find several scans of the lures featured in the book I recieved. The first scan will be of the cover after that, click on any of the model codes to get a look at the inside. The images are done in black and white (published that way)

The Rapala Bible(Cover)

CD-3 CD-5
CD-9 CD-9a
CD-9b CD-11
DRFR Team Esko
F-7 F-9
F-9a F-11
F-11a FMag

More "cut-aways" below. I'm not sure what tech. was used in doing all these images. It looks like some are cut, others are x-rayed. All in all some great views of the lures I have a slight passion for.

H-13 H-13a

Well there's a look inside. I need to thank "Gen" from whom I got this book and to "Gyuu" for the space on his site from which I was able to get this contact information and all the people that put it together and to the wonderful gentleman that did all the work. It's a great book (Sometime I'll have to get the text, translated!!)

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