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Well not exactly Antiques, this page contains info and images of several new lures added to my Rapala Collection.

Oversea's Rapala's
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Shad Raps
This first section deals with a couple of Shad Raps. The Shad Rap rattling suspending models or SRRS model line.

This first Shad Rap.View here. SRRS-5-FCFT
This Fluorescent Chartreuse Firetiger is a Japan color. The box is marked special.
This Shad Rap.View here.Is a SRRS-5-FRFT. Fluorescent Red Firetiger. Another wild color pattern not offered in the USA. This too is a Japan color. The box too is marked special.

below are a few other scans dealing with these Shad Raps.
View Here.Image showing both of the Japan Shad Raps RS models.
View Here.One side of the paper insert from the above Shad Rap.
View Here.The other side of the paper insert.(Sure wish I could read it!)

SRRS-7 RHView Here Added 6/24/01
Another one of the "Japan" color patterns in the Shad Rap RS model line. I know of a couple more "Japan" colors.

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The above lures were a gift to Thebassman's Cove. The web-master can not thank enough the very Special Lady that donated these lures to his collection.

Velvet Squid
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If you haven't read the story of this lure getting into my hands, you need too. (it's on the page before this)
rap lure line
This is just one of the color patterns I have in this lure style. The Velvet Squid is a flocked lure that not only has a rattle but as far as I know of, "The only Rapala model line that glows in the dark." This is a wild looking lure. This has to be the nastiest set of hooks I've ever seen.
View Here.This is the #9 size and the color code, VO (Velvet Orange)
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Update 6/24/2001
A few more Rapala Specials that I've added to my collection.

CD-9 XFRH.View Here
One of several Countdowns that have been appearing lately. The red on this lure is slighly different than other 'RH' more of a Flo or day-glow.
CD-9 PKB.View Here
Another great looking Countdown.
J-7 PW.View Here
A new Jointed to add to the collection, This is the 'PW' Pearl White color pattern.
HJ-8 AYU?View Here
Another color pattern that I've seen in the "Japan" color codes. I'm not sure if this is the 'AYU' or AYU5 color pattern.
2-SpecialsView Here
2 more Rapala 'specials' that have been added. I don't have these lures yet, but I do know one is a CD-? PKB and the other is a J-7 in whats been described to me as 'Rainbow', it's all pearl white with a blue tint along with the other color. I'm not sure of this color code.

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Normark Vibro's (added 10/12/2001)
This is one of those interesting items I was able to pick up. They are called "Normark Vibro's" I got these from Europe. They came in what I'd call a 'dealer box' along with it came 6 of the lures. I'll include a scan of the dealer box end label and the lure's
View Box end label
View Normark Vibro Lures
rap lure line
Below you find a few of my most recent additions (Oct, 2001)
View 3 Rapala SQ's
View SQ-11 GFR
View SQ-11 SGM
View SQ-9 B
The next scans are of lures I got in another trade, Thanks Jay.
View CDJ-7 P
View CDJ-9 P
View CDJ-9 B
View CDJ-11 P
The next lure is one that I got with the "Rapala Bible" book from Japan. A great looking lure from some great People I computer met in Japan.
View 'Japan" RNR
View 'Japan' RNR

'Next" will take to the "Project Rapala, Japan Edition" A look at a new book I got from Japan on Rapala's.
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Have an Oversea's Rapala? Contact me and lets see if we can work out a deal.
Other than that I hope you enjoyed this new look at a very popular lure company.
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