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Well after a little spring cleaning around the "Cove". I've moved this infomation from another page and even did a little expanding on the items.

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I have gotten some overseas Rapala Mini-guides and a couple of books. This too will be added as I sort it all out. I also have a couple of interesting Items.

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1. Rapala Mini Fishing Guide.
No Date
1 page multi-fold. This guide contains some info on models, a color plate. It also has a few graphs detailing colors to use under different lighting conditions. a graph on what lure/size for species. and a chart showing depths for each lure.
Most of the Info is in a foreign language. It still offers some interesting info. the color plate is very useful, it shows a couple of color patterns that I have never seen before.

2. Rapala Mini Guide. View Cover.
Dated 1987
1 page multi-fold. It has the very basic lure info. Along with a color plate. It also has a chart showing trolling depths/lure. 1 side of this guide is the species/lure chart. Another interesting Mini-guide

3. Rapala Tacklebox Fishing Guide. View Cover.
A 'How-to' tacklebox reference guide
Dated 1993.
1 page Multi-fold. 1 side has info on, The Rapala cardinal rules, how to tie on a Rapala and how to recognize each Rapala at a glance. The other has info on, how to pick the proper Rapala (species/lure chart), Rapala color selections, the proper colors, how to tune a Rapala and a lure/line depth chart.

4. Rapala Mini guide. View Cover.
Dated 1997
1 page multi-fold.Basic Info. Some lure info along with graphs showing Species chart, Lighting chart, knot chart and a color plate. This mini guide is also in a foreign language. The color plate again is very interesting.

5. Rapala by Normark
'Closer to Nature. Closer to people.'
Dated 1997
24 pages including covers. Besides rapala's this guide/catalog has products by other companies.
On the Rapala's, there is 8 pages. these are of, models, lighting guide, a color plate and other basic info. The 3 pages that really interested me are the Model info page (it shows the rapala squid lure), The color plate page (again showing color patterns that are new to me) and a page that describes the Inkoo by Rapala (a spoon that I have never seen before in some very interesting color patterns)

I hope to add some scans of these mini guides.

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Books & Other
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A: The Rapala Fishing Guide. View here.
1st edition, 1976

B: How to Clean a mess of fish.View here.
1st edition, 1978

C: How to clean a mess of fish
2nd edition, 1998

D: How to fish a Rapala by the book.View it!!
1st edition, 1987

E: Rapala Fisherman's catalog.View it!
1981 Ed. Another interesting book. It contains lots of info. I have included 2 other scans from this book.
View it Back cover, A picture of the Man himself
View it A page out of the book showing a picture of the Rapala factory in Finland.

F: Rapala Video.View here.
How to fish a Rapala by the book video. A very interesting tape. Full of great photography. Dated 1994.

G: The Rapala Book.View it.
A super book. A collection of great articals from the top Europen Anglers. Yes this is a U.K published book. It has a lot of info and stories. This is a great addition to my collection.

H: Rapala Badge.View it.
Badge? Ok, we americans call them patch's. This badge comes from the U.K.

I: 3 Rapala Patch's.View here.
3 different Rapala patch's I have.

Ad banner
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Here's a area that I will be expanded quite a bit. Besides some of the Original Ad Flicks I have, I'm also going to include some of the better magazine ad's I have.
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Rapala Banner: New to my collection, A 3 ft by 5 ft, 3 color Rapala banner, 2 sided. Very nice!!
I hope to have a photo of it here soon.
View Here Added 6/24/2001

Rapala Banner #2new button
I just added this banner. I will get photos of both of these relly soon and will update then. This one is all white with "RAPALA" in red.
It's 4' x 6'
View Here Added 6/24/2001
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