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Well, I have added some more catalogs to the collection. I will have all the basic info from them along with some scans of a few of the pages.

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Normark-Rapala 1967
 View Cover here.

This is a 1 piece Multi-fold.
The Basic Lure Info is below.

Original Floating: 5 sizes in 3 colors (the #18 model is in 3 colors, the BM-Blue mullet listed as being new.

CountDown: 4 sizes in 2 colors. the #13 is listed as being new

SaltWater Models (Magnums): 2 sizes in 3 colors. The #13 is listed as new along with being a countdown model. The #18 is listed as a floater.

Balanced Jigging: 4 sizes in 2 colors.

The colors listed in this catalog: S,G,BM,SM.
For as small as this piece is, it's packed with info. besides the lure Info there are other pages on such things as, Aletter from the president of Rapala, Trolling and Deepwater methods, Surface,Countdown and Jigging methods. Also there is information on knots and how to tie them and Rapala knives.
It also has all the lure Info (size and weight) plus the price and still has the order form attached.

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Normark-Rapala 1971

View Cover here.
12 pages (including covers) plus came with 3 double sided page inserts.

Basic Lure Info

Original Floating: 6 sizes in 4 colors. Only the #7,#9 and #11 come in 4 colors. (GFR color listed as new)

Countdown: 4 sizes in 4 colors. Only the #7,#9 and #11 come in the new GFR color.

Magnum Floating and Sinking: 2 sizes in each and they all come in 4 colors. It lists the #13-Mag and the #CD-13-mag as new.

Balanced Jigging: 4 sizes in 2 colors.

Color codes listed in this catalog: S,G,BM,GFR.

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Normark-Rapala 1978.
 View Cover here.

24 pages including covers.

Basic Lure Info.
Original Floating: 6 sizes and in 5 colors.

Countdown: 4 sizes in 5 colors.

Fat Raps: 2 sizes in 4 colors.

Jointed Floating: 3 sizes in 4 colors.

Magnums: 4 sizews in 5 colors.

Husky: 1 size in 4 colors.

Salmon Special: 2 sizes in 3 colors.

Balanced Jigging: 4 sizes in 3 colors.

There are several models listed in this catalog as new, The Husky, Fat Rap and the salmon special. The last lure being one that I have never heard of or seen it before.
There is also a 68th Annual Field & Stream Fishing contest Form anlong with a order form for Rapala Items.

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Whew, That's another page of Info. I hope that you've liked and enjoyed it. I'll be adding more soon, very soon. My "Cove 2000 pg". It will contain some more Items that I've added to my collection.

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